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Medieval Siege
Siege of Lisbon, 1147 CE
Medieval Trebuchet
Angers Castle
Anatolian Tankard
Star of the Order of the Garter
Order of the Garter Badge
Saint George's Chapel, Windsor
Henry, Duke of Lancaster
13th Century CE Roll of Arms
Herald of Arms
The Behistun Inscription
Feast of William the Conqueror
Medieval Dinner Table
Medieval Cooking Scene
Medieval Jester
Nea Moni, Chios
Threave Castle
Seleucid Empire 200 BCE
Launceston Castle
Motte and Bailey Castle Diagram
Motte and Bailey Castle
Rochester Castle
Beaumaris Castle
Caerphilly Castle
Gatehouse, Chepstow Castle
Matthew Kneale
Rome: A History in Seven Sackings
Temple Church, London
Statue Dedicated to Jupiter Heliopolitanus
Archaistic Caryatid from Tralles
Statue of a Greek Youth
Head of a Greek Youth
Relief of a Charioteer from Cyzicus
Funerary Stele Showing a Banquet Scene from Thasos
Funerary Stele from Dascylium
Limestone Block Showing Wrestlers and Musicians from Xanthos
Statue of Athena from Leptis Magna
Statue of a Lion from Halicarnassus
Statue of Marsyas from Tarsos
Attic Funerary Stele
Funerary Stele from Amisus Showing a Farewell Scene
Head of Alexander the Great from Pergamon
Statue of Hermaphroditus from Pergamon
Statue of an Ephebe from Tralles
Statue of Hermes of Alkamenes from Pergamon
Bust of the Emperor Augustus
Bust of Agrippina the Elder from Pergamon
Bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius from Lamunia